Therapeutic Yoga Works:

The Whole Mind, Body, Spirit Practice for Optimum Spine Health

Praise For The Book

“Nydia says it all in the title of her book: Therapeutic Yoga Works: A Gentle Approach to Eliminating Back Pain and Improving Functional Mobility for Life. She offers a mindful, whole-person approach focused on reducing musculoskeletal imbalance and improving mobility for those living with spinal pain. Her unique, breath-centered technique helps create a form of movement meditation that also quiets our constant brain chatter and encourages healing from the inside-out.”
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- Ellen Lin, MD

Board-Certified Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Physician and Pain Management Specialist

“If you have a spine, this book is for you! Seriously! While written for the 8 out of 10 of us who have experienced, are experiencing, or will experience back pain, spasms, instability, and/or spinal dysfunction at some time in our lives, Therapeutic Yoga Works is the must-have body manual for anyone and everyone wanting to improve and maintain body/mind/spirit balance, flexibility, strength, and vital well-being for life.”
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- Rita Millett Mikel

Certified Advanced Rolfer and Owner of Source Coaching and Consulting

“Important insights for those striving to practice optimal self-care.”
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- Ajeya Joshi, MD

Orthopedic Spine Surgeon and Lifestyle Medicine Physician

“Nydia’s integrated approach to wellness is grounded in her unique background as a physical therapist as well as a therapeutic yoga specialist. When a combination of severe spinal and muscular issues eliminated my ability to walk unassisted, Nydia’s advice, private sessions, and group classes gave me both help and hope. Her guidance regarding the healing and balancing power of the mind/body/spirit connection helped restore my strength, mobility, and redirected my outlook on life. You are choosing joy when you choose to work with Nydia.”
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- Patti Larsen

Owner, Patti Larsen Consulting; (Retired) Director, AT&T External & Legislative Affairs

“This terrific book reveals how therapeutic yoga improves quality of life through self-care. Nydia Darby forever changed my life, which now includes my new role as primary caregiver. Her guidance helps me prevent injury while preserving and enhancing my mobility as I ‘train for my next decade.'”
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- Dr. Susan Blackwood

(Retired) Executive Director, San Antonio Sports

“Nydia Darby has a passion for making the experience of yoga accessible to every BODY. This book puts forth Nydia’s life work in a manner that expands her method outside the confines of her studio and into the reader’s home. Working with Nydia has changed my life—both personally and professionally. Learning how to move and breathe 17 years ago with Nydia and her therapeutic yoga showed me another path to deal with the stresses of being a busy physician and mother to three small children. It also resolved my stress-induced migraines and has helped me through other challenges. Now with children grown and an eye towards my next decade, I am truly grateful for the wisdom of Nydia’s therapeutic yoga lifestyle that helps me to enjoy every day.”
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- Simone Norris, MD

Founder of Integrative Family Medicine in San Antonio, Texas, USAF Veteran, and Graduate of Dr. Andrew Weil’s Fellowship in Integrative Medicine

About The Book.

If you have a spine, this book is for you. Seriously!

If you are living with back pain, spasm, or instability, Nydia Darby created this Therapeutic Yoga program especially for you.

In this Therapeutic Yoga Works practice, Nydia presents her gentle approach to wellness that is influenced by the melding of physical therapy, fitness, and yoga practices that she has learned, led, taught, shared, and embodied over the last 40 years—the Therapeutic Astanga Method © , also referred to as “therapeutic yoga.”

You don’t need any special equipment or clothes, and you don’t need to be flexible or have any previous yoga or fitness experience. Nydia developed this breath-centered therapeutic practice to be accessible and modifiable to meet the needs of many different people because she recognizes that everyone comes to the practice with their own unique experiences, backgrounds, and abilities. While she directed this book to those suffering from back pain, anyone interested in improving their whole mind, body, and spirit health and long-term functional mobility will find this book valuable.

About The Course.

Nydia invites you to begin a therapeutic yoga practice with her, whether you want to free yourself from pain and get your life back or want to invest in your long-term health, well-being, and mobility. You will be glad that you did! Get started now!

Preventative Training

Preventative Training

You don’t have to have back pain to benefit from this book. The mobility and strength derived from doing these practices can benefit many other challenges/limitations and can be an important part in PREVENTING the challenges in the first place. “I am in training for my next decade.”- (Nydia’s tagline).

Just Breathe

Just Breathe

Everyone can do this practice because the most important thing that any one of us will do and the foundation of this practice is that -- “The ONLY thing that you have to do is BREATHE.”—(Nydia’s tagline).

Reverse Pain

Reverse Pain

Back pain does not have to rule your world - it can be managed, and you can live a life free from pain. You can reverse the limitations that back pain has caused in your life.

Life Saving

Life Saving

Therapeutic Yoga can help you to get down on to the floor and back up off the floor which could potentially save your life.



Therapeutic Yoga is accessible. It's not just for flexible people, and it can gently mobilize every major joint in your body - in a good way.

Getting Started

If you are on this website, you have been reading my book, “THERAPEUTIC YOGA WORKS: A Gentle Approach to Eliminating Back Pain and Improving Functional Mobility for Life.” In this book, I share about my client’s experience with debilitating back pain and spasm and the therapeutic yoga practices that I shared with her that changed her life for the better.

If you haven’t read my book, you might have just found this website while on an internet search for ways to help you move away from back pain. Regardless of how you got here, I am glad that you are here. You should read my book to help you understand a bit more clearly what makes this program so special. Click on this link to buy the book.

This site presents the therapeutic yoga activities that I have shared in my book, “THERAPEUTIC YOGA WORKS: A Gentle Approach to Eliminating Back Pain and Improving Functional Mobility for Life.” I developed these practices over the last forty years, and I share them with my clients because I believe that they are fundamental to helping them develop a solid foundation for a gentle approach to eliminating back pain and improving their functional mobility.

These fundamental practices are relatively accessible to many persons, with some exceptions, of course. In my experience, they are important for persons who want to begin a gentle therapeutic yoga practice and are a great way to get started.

The Therapeutic Yoga activities on this site are effective in helping to direct attention to developing focused concentration and breath awareness and efficiency, and to gently improving core stability, muscular endurance, functional strength, and mobility. I have also included some of my favorite awareness practices to inspire your participation to optimize breathing, improve standing posture, encourage walking for exercise, and promote deep relaxation.

I recommend that you practice these activities three times per week at minimum. I also believe that doing these practices daily can be even more beneficial. Repeating these activities mindfully and on a regular basis can help you create your own breath-centered mindful movement meditation practice that I believe will benefit you for a lifetime.

The beneficial aspects of the practice that you create for yourself can be heightened by setting a positive intention towards yourself or others at the beginning of each session and can be used as a point of focus. I will often add a mantra that I repeat in my mind during the work, such as: “I am healing, I am strong, I am at peace,” or some variation of these phrases to help me set a powerful intention that I might then manifest as a reality in the present moment, as well as in the future.

These practices are important to master before progressing on to other therapeutic yoga postures that involve standing, balancing, seated, and other more challenging supine and prone positions. Do not be fooled. The Therapeutic Astanga Method © practices that you see here are not limited to individuals who suffer spine problems. These practices can be applied to a variety of conditions to help an individual connect with their whole self. These whole mind, body, and spirit practices do not discriminate. They are available to all who wish to step on the path towards wholeness. Remember, the only thing that you have to do is breathe.

Basic Tools for Your Therapeutic Yoga Practice

  1. Yoga mat or towel
  2. Non-stretch yoga strap
  3. Cushion or rolled-up blanket for support
  4. Willing spirit
  5. Sense of humor

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